The B-LIGHT story

B-LIGHT started 2014 by Jonas Larsson with the vision to make high quality organic clothing for yoga, sport & leisure. Soft, comfortable and flexible. As Jonas himself was a dedicated yogi he was missing out some nice organic yoga wear. Not synthetic, only organic clothes was on his mind. The clothes are not limited to be worn only for yoga. Any occasion where you want to where something comfortable and soft garment will do. Our customer are conscious about environment and care for the planet.

“B-LIGHT´s goal is that everyone should wear organic cotton clothes. Its a shame that its even necessary to have certifications and a whole industry around it just in order to manufacture clothes that works along with nature. But its a fact and we work hard so that you will have the opportunity to wear natural and chemical free clothes to a fair price.”

– Jonas Larsson


Jonas Larsson


Suzan Afshar

“After visiting the factory many times I’m very confident in the work conditions, quality of the work and that the organic processes are being followed. This is very important for B-LIGHT and for me personally.”

“Our passion is the environment and sustainability. Join us in our journey for more aware consumption”

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All our clothes are organically certified by GOTS, Global Organic Textile Standard.