To what countries do you deliver?


We deliver to all countries within the European Union. We also deliver to the rest of the world even if its more expensive to ship. If you are outside the shipping method mentioned here please make contact and we will try to handle it separately.


What is the cost of the delivery?


For up to date prices add your country at the checkout and there you will see. The cost is up to weight and country. Free shipping over 100 EUR.


How can I be sure that the clothes are organic?


B-LIGHT is very keen on that the clothing are produced in a sustainable manner and place great value on avoiding chemicals. Therefore are all products made from GOTS certified fabric. Please read more at GOTS Homepage or the tutorial about organic cotton here. That is our assurance.

Why does the washing label say only 30 degrees?


This is only a recommendation since 30 degrees is usually enough and saves energy. The garments themselves can be washed in 60 degrees, but why? You decide.


What does B-LIGHT stand for?


B-LIGHT is short for Be Light. The meaning is that you are the light of your life and the source of your strength. If you can be your own inner light, your souls light, the sometimes negative outside cannot reach you and affect you in an unwanted way. The source of your core being is your light. Therefore B-LIGHT.


How can I be sure that the working conditions are well met at the sewing factory?


After visiting the factory many times I’m very confident in the work conditions, quality of their work and that the organic processes are being followed. The GOTS certification also includes working conditions, salaries and age of the workers.