New womens organic yoga & sport collection

New womens organic yoga & sport collection from b-light organic sportswear

Organic yoga & sport collection

B-LIGHT can happily announce that a new organic yoga & sport collection has seen the light of day. After a lot of testing with threads, fabric, stitching and design we are so excited to launch our new premium quality garments. The new collection contains:

  1. Organic leggings
  2. Organic sports bras
  3. Organic t-shirts
  4. Organic shorts
  5. Organic tank tops
  6. Organic hoodies
  7. Organic vests
  8. Organic sweatpants
  9. Organic knickers
  10. Organic jackets

All are of course organically certified by Global Organic Textile Standard, well designed, has premium quality fabric and best possible stitching. We hope you will be as happy as we are by wearing a garment that are proudly produced and manufactured in a sustainable way.


Colorful & vivid yoga wear for women

We have a broad mix of colors. From natural, undyed color, olive green, moroccon blue, sapphire blue to more sparkling colorful as blazing yellow, high risk red, radiant yellow, virtual pink and easter egg. The choise is yours. If you feel bold and cool you can choose the vivid sparkling colors otherwise you can go with the more natural colors. The fourteen colors we have chosen for the collection are the following:

  1. High risk red
  2. Blazing yellow
  3. Sand
  4. Easter egg
  5. Charcoal grey
  6. Radiant yellow
  7. Virtual pink
  8. Hint of mint
  9. Turquoise
  10. Cherry tomato
  11. Coral red
  12. Blue sapphire
  13. Moroccon blue
  14. Natural


We have tried to put the colors in a way so you always have a matching top and bottom. All colors in the dying processes are organically certified as well as the handprinted size/washing label. Feel free to send us an email if there is any color that you miss and want in our assortment.


Women’s organic yoga clothing with premium quality

Today most clothes are made very cheap with synthetic fabric. We buy new clothes in a rapid speed. This takes its toll on the environment.  We, B-LIGHT, are not interested in that race. We want to build an organic brand with only high quality products that you can use for a long time and are working along with nature. This is the foundation that we build our company on. No exceptions!

Why is quality important?

For us the quality of our organic garment is of highest priority. The question need no answering after you have tested a high quality cotton product. Most clothes today in the market are of low quality and synthetic. If you practise yoga or work out your body breaths through the skin and has a very intimate contact with you. Why should you put synthetic, chemical garments next to someone you hopefully care for?

Cheap or expensive organic yoga wear?

If your budget is limited and want organic clothes. No problem. We would like to put ourselves as a pretty low priced web shop. Threrefore your budget should not be that strained. We keep the prices low by do everything ourselves. Design, web shop, promotion and so on. Also we have a very good partner in India that makes B-LIGHT what it is. Something to be proud of many people claims. We are proud of our new womens organic yoga & sport collection. Warm welcome!


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