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New womens organic yoga & sport collection

New womens organic yoga & sport collection from b-light organic sportswear

Organic yoga & sport collection B-LIGHT can happily announce that a new organic yoga & sport collection has seen the light of day. After a lot of testing with threads, fabric, stitching and design we are so excited to launch our new premium quality garments. The new collection contains: Organic leggings Organic sports bras Organic […]

Why men should or shouldn’t do yoga

Background to the yoga journey I started practicing yoga 2010 after spending my Thailand vacation as a bungalow neighbor to a German yogi. The expression “yogi” is commonly used for a man who is practicing yoga;- “yogini” is the female yoga practitioner. The German guy and I shared a terrace so we naturally started to […]

Organic cotton sportswear vs synthetic sportswear

How to find natural cotton sports clothing online Our opinion is that most people buy their workout wear dependent on what is available in the sport store, including web clothing stores and online sportswear shops. The current sportswear fashion is decided by the big sport chain brands and most likely not by you. If you […]

New organic order from India

For a while ago I put an order to India. All in natural, greige, color. The natural color of cotton. The models to begin with is Dhita-Tee, Dhili-Long sleeve Tee and Antaranga-Underwear. Ninda-Linens are also ordered. Both duvet and pillowcases. I have tried them all out for a period of time and I’m very happy […]