Visiting the factory in India

This week I’m visiting the manufacturer in India. The purpose is to finalize new designs and create new patterns. The hospitality is amazing and we get so much work done. I eat a lot of great food and my host provide excellent service at all levels. My plate get refilled for every chew I take. The factory is like a creative studio for me with full support in the changes of design. It’s fantastic to see with my own eyes how all the processes are performed and it lets me understand the effort it takes before the product is ready for shipping. So many skilled persons are working here.
We have managed to produce 11 more patterns, the shorts Makkhi and tee Devadara are already under production. This is a great kick start for BLIGHT. Currently we work with a hoodie and long pants. I feel blessed by this trip. I have even managed to avoid not hitting my head to the door post…so far. (The door post is not matching my length). The opening date for the shop has been postponed, this is ok since there’s no rush. Got to go now, my bag just arrived with a 3 days delay. ?




2 thoughts on “Visiting the factory in India

  1. Jonas says:

    Hi Sunshine.
    At the moment I have no plans for visiting the factory. The stock is full and the new product development is reduced. Only minor already developed models will be ordered. Now is the time to put on the salesman hat and try to make people understand what is the benefit with organic cotton clothes, creating brand awareness. We already have a lot of returning happy customers. That is the best advertising and fills me with great satisfaction. I still hope to get there soon, they are like family now.

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