A creative weekend


While waithing for the delivery from India I have designed a tank top and a pair of pants. I really was in the flow this weekend and I couldn’t stop creating, a wonderful feeling. The pants will come in two colors and the tank in one color. I might change it later on. Both of course in ecological cotton from India and the same top quality as Makkhi and Devadara. GOTS certified. My plan is to expand the collection in a satisfying pace. No rush, quality is the highest priority. My hopes are that other people have the same taste in design as I do. I’ve been putting some effort to build up an Instagram and Pinterest relation as a reach out for marketing. It’s a bit tricky to be among top ten at Google searches. I will have a look at that later. The expected live date of the shop is late June. I’m so excited! Namaste! /Jonas

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